Online Business How To From The Couple Next Door

In my first article, I told you about some of our background in starting an internet business. We have sold homeschool curriculum, eBooks, and home-study courses built around online business how to tips. And we have learned a lot about the intnert through both our success and failures.

In fact, the first eBook we ever sold was called Raising Leaders, Not Followers. My wife wrote it for homeschoolers to help them train their kids in specific character qualities. When she first asked me about it, I was honest with her. I said, “Well, it is a good idea, but not really a hot topic. I am not really sure you are going to sell to many.” Would you believe she proved me totally wrong? My wife had netted a little over $11,000 in about three weeks’ time. That was our first lesson in internet marketing 101.

Christmas cardsNot too shabby, right? On the heels of her first success, my wife started thinking about another eBook for the Christmas season. She said to me, “Sweetie, I am going to write another eBook about preparing your heart for Christmas. It seems like a lot of people get close to Christmas day and end up discouraged because they were not really prepared for the season. The presents are great, but what do they do next?”

I said, “That is a wonderful idea, but with all the free stuff on the internet for Christmas, I do not see how you are going to sell anything. You got lucky with the first one. That was a fluke. But this one, you would be lucky to sell 5 copies.” I was a very supportive husband, right? Well, she proved me wrong again. She sold over $2,200 the first month with that Christmas book. Imagine getting a $2,200 Christmas bonus every year. That is what we do. My wife created it 3 or 4 years ago. We roll it out every Christmas, and every Christmas, we get a $2200 to $2500 bonus.

Do you see what I mean? I will admit that I may not be the brightest bulb, but seeing my wife hit two home runs on the internet without any business or marketing training convinced me. I started thinking I could do it, too. I could start an internet business.

I had a red pickup truck. It was a Ford F150. My daughter had taken it to high school. She was playing softball with the high school. And all of a sudden, her teammates were screaming, “Gentry, your truck is on fire!” She looks up. There were flames going 20 feet high out from under the hood.

As it happens, there was a faulty cruise control switch that was a recall item from Ford. So after we got the fire put out, the truck was a total loss. The guy told me,”There’s a recall notice on this.” I called Ford, and they said, “We sent the recall notice to Texas.” I said, “Thank you, but I am in Idaho in seminary.” But they refused responsibility. I was so upset.

I decided to start an online business, so I put up a little website that said, “My truck caught on fire.” I had pictures of the truck, and I opened up the hood and showed how all the engine compartment was burned up and all the wires were burned up. I said, “Why don’t you help me while I help you? I’m going to give you all this free internet marketing stuff. Graphics package. Some software. eBooks. Marketing tips.” All this stuff I had compiled and got free off the internet. I compiled it into a product and sold it for like $47. And I made $5,470 in the first 9 days.

I hope what you are seeing from these real-life examples is that you can succeed on the internet. Seriously! All you need is a little online business ho to and you can begin making a profit.


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Practical Online Business Ideas

Are you interested in starting an internet business? Do you have an idea already, or do you need some online business ideas? I have been building my own internet business over the past ten years or so and can share some real-life examples of what to do and what not to do.

So a little bit about us. My wife Kerry and I really are the couple next door. We are not gurus. We are just two people who happened to get into internet marketing by accident. We stumbled upon the secret to creating information products that are very profitable, require little time, and give us tremendous amounts of freedom. I am a poster child for somebody who started an internet company late in life. I did not start this thing until I was in my 40s. In fact, I started all of this because I was going to seminary and did not have my regular income.

Online Business Idea #1 – Start With What You Know

Basically if we can do it, you can do it. Before I had my online business, I was a remodeling contractor for 20 years. My wife started a little company called Curriculum Connection. And it was designed to help home schoolers find curriculum. All of a sudden, she was asking me, “Steve, how do we build web pages? How do we go online?” So I had to figure that out. And I was definitely just groping in the dark, but I figured out how to do it. And then on top of that, I decided to attend seminary.

There we were over 2000 miles from home and with no family, no friends, and no job. We needed the income we were used to having from my remodeling jobs, and we needed it fast.

So I started looking for the perfect business. And the reason I tell you this story is to say, “I know you are busy. I know you probably have a full-time job. I know that you are experiencing the same things I was experiencing. But you can start an online business on the side in your part time, and pretty soon, if you work it right, it will eclipse your day job.”

Online Business Idea #2 – Define Your Criteria

So I sat down and wrote out my expectations for my perfect business. I wanted to create a product one time and then get paid for it repeatedly. I only had a small amount of time to work each week, so I needed to be paid well in that time. I needed a product that was easy for me, my wife, and my partners if I ever had any. I really wanted a business that would run automatically with very little input from me. I was looking for a weekly, even monthly, paycheck. I also wanted very few start-up costs. Sounds realistic, right?

Well, a lot of people would say I was asking for the moon. But think about this. The only thing I know of that will meet all of those criteria is selling information products on the internet. Because with an info product, you can create something one time and get paid over and over and over.

You start off by spending a little time packaging quality content, market it on the internet, and then sell it quickly and painlessly. You really could almost put the whole thing on auto pilot.

Online Business Idea #3 – Start Small

It was very low start-up costs. In fact, that is one of the questions I am routinely asked. “Steve, how much does it cost to start an online business?” For $15 a year for a domain name, and that is kind of high these days, and $50 a year for hosting, and $20 a month for an autoresponder, you can set up an online business. And that is really all it takes to get started.

If you have an idea, why not start today? These online business ideas are practical and easy to do and can get you going on a path to greater financial freedom.


Copyright Stephen Beck, 2010

You have permission to reprint this article as long as you don’t make any changes and include the bio below.

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