Practical Online Business Ideas

Are you interested in starting an internet business? Do you have an idea already, or do you need some online business ideas? I have been building my own internet business over the past ten years or so and can share some real-life examples of what to do and what not to do.

So a little bit about us. My wife Kerry and I really are the couple next door. We are not gurus. We are just two people who happened to get into internet marketing by accident. We stumbled upon the secret to creating information products that are very profitable, require little time, and give us tremendous amounts of freedom. I am a poster child for somebody who started an internet company late in life. I did not start this thing until I was in my 40s. In fact, I started all of this because I was going to seminary and did not have my regular income.

Online Business Idea #1 – Start With What You Know

Basically if we can do it, you can do it. Before I had my online business, I was a remodeling contractor for 20 years. My wife started a little company called Curriculum Connection. And it was designed to help home schoolers find curriculum. All of a sudden, she was asking me, “Steve, how do we build web pages? How do we go online?” So I had to figure that out. And I was definitely just groping in the dark, but I figured out how to do it. And then on top of that, I decided to attend seminary.

There we were over 2000 miles from home and with no family, no friends, and no job. We needed the income we were used to having from my remodeling jobs, and we needed it fast.

So I started looking for the perfect business. And the reason I tell you this story is to say, “I know you are busy. I know you probably have a full-time job. I know that you are experiencing the same things I was experiencing. But you can start an online business on the side in your part time, and pretty soon, if you work it right, it will eclipse your day job.”

Online Business Idea #2 – Define Your Criteria

So I sat down and wrote out my expectations for my perfect business. I wanted to create a product one time and then get paid for it repeatedly. I only had a small amount of time to work each week, so I needed to be paid well in that time. I needed a product that was easy for me, my wife, and my partners if I ever had any. I really wanted a business that would run automatically with very little input from me. I was looking for a weekly, even monthly, paycheck. I also wanted very few start-up costs. Sounds realistic, right?

Well, a lot of people would say I was asking for the moon. But think about this. The only thing I know of that will meet all of those criteria is selling information products on the internet. Because with an info product, you can create something one time and get paid over and over and over.

You start off by spending a little time packaging quality content, market it on the internet, and then sell it quickly and painlessly. You really could almost put the whole thing on auto pilot.

Online Business Idea #3 – Start Small

It was very low start-up costs. In fact, that is one of the questions I am routinely asked. “Steve, how much does it cost to start an online business?” For $15 a year for a domain name, and that is kind of high these days, and $50 a year for hosting, and $20 a month for an autoresponder, you can set up an online business. And that is really all it takes to get started.

If you have an idea, why not start today? These online business ideas are practical and easy to do and can get you going on a path to greater financial freedom.


Copyright Stephen Beck, 2010

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Business Start-Up Advice For Entrepreneurs

I meet a lot of people who have an idea for a business. Like you, they currently have a job but wish they knew enough to take a risk. All they are looking for is a little business start-up advice. And the first thing I tell them to do is to create their information products.

information products (article 85)That begs the question, “What is an information product?” An information product is any knowledge in your head that others would find valuable. Let me repeat that, any knowledge or experience in your head that others would find valuable can be packaged and sold.

Business Start-up Advice #1 – Utilize Lots of Mediums

You can share this knowledge with others through a variety of media. That can be a digital product, a physical product, an eBook, a video, an audio, or all of the above. Many of my products have an all of the above component. Some are written, some are videos, some are audios, some are multi-media productions.

Business Start-up Advice #2 – Develop Your Own Name

You must have at least one product that is your very own. Why do I say that? Because you want to build your own brand and not someone else’s. I am okay with network marketing. That is fine. If you want to do Avon or Shacklee or Amway or whatever you want to do, go for it. But I still contend that you must have at least one product that is your very own so you are building your own brand and not necessarily someone else’s.

You want more control over your business. You do not want to work for 5% or 2% or whatever somebody decides to pay you. You do not want somebody telling you that you cannot put up a website, or you can only have this kind of wording when you are starting up your own business. You want total control. And you want to keep the lion’s share of the products. Come on! In an information product, you can keep 90-95%. Whatever your hard costs are, they are very small. You get to keep the lion’s share of the profits.

Consider that all of the well-known information marketers have their own products. Guys like Dan Kennedy, Alex Mendoza, Ray Edwards, and Armon Moore have a product to promote to build their own brand.

Business Start-up Advice #3 – Get Out of the Time for Money Trap

And you get out of the trading time for money trap. A lot of you are in that trap right now, whether you are working a 9 to 5 job, or even if you are doing consulting. You are still trading time for money. When you can create something one time and sell it over and over and over, you get out of that trading time for money trap.

Business Start up Advice #4 – Establish Your Authority

Imagine being able to give people information, an eBook that you have written, or CDs that you have made. Anything that sets you head and shoulders above the next guy. That is massive credibility for your offline business.

Think of how many leads you can generate for your business by giving them something concrete. An information product makes your business memorable and can also build your list.

So start today by brainstorming what you know and write down the information you have in your brain. Make your products from this knowledge and begin building a business. In a short while, you will be in charge of a growing business and responsible for giving others business start-up advice.


Copyright Stephen Beck, 2010

You have permission to reprint this article as long as you don’t make any changes and include the bio below.

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