How To Submit Articles – Secrets Of Internet Marketing Basics

basics (article 81)Do you have an idea for an internet business? Or would you like your current business to be more profitable? What would it take for you to see greater success? One of the best ways to get started is to follow a step-by-step course that outlines all the internet marketing basics. The key to success is to figure out which method really is the most effective.

Internet Marketing Basics – Submit to Authority Sites

Your first step is to submit your original article to a site called Ezine articles. This is a huge authority site with Google because it requires original content not found in other directories on the internet. Your article will immediately rank higher if Ezine accepts it, and a higher ranks means more traffic. What I like to do is submit my articles to Ezine first. I even have a template I use to make the whole process quick and easy.

Internet Marketing Basics – Rewrite Your Article

After Ezine approves your article, your next step is to create a webpage out of your original article. You can then rewrite your article and post it on your blog. The people on your list will get to see and read your article.

Internet Marketing Basics – Post to Article Directories

Use your second version to post to article directories around the Internet. Articles Base and Article Snatch consistently rank among the top 10 directories, so be sure to post to each of them. The articles I post to these two sites frequently show up on the first two pages in a Google search for my keywords.

When you post on these directories, be sure you rotate the article titles and the resource boxes. With your resource boxes in particular, this will allow you to have backward links go to different pages on your domain.

Submitting articles is a popular and effective way to drive traffic to your site and also get backlinks. All it takes is some well-written articles, submitted to just the right directories. Why not begin today?


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Starting An Internet Business Made Easy!

drive trafficThese days a lot of people want to start an internet business, but they are not always sure exactly what to do first. I encourage them to focus on the most crucial component: keywords. Everything begins with keywords. You write articles around the keywords people are actually looking for in the search engines. Then Google and the other engines post your page higher in the rankings which then drives more traffic to your site. With greater traffic comes greater sales. It really is that easy.

Start an Internet Business With Relevant Keywords

So it makes no sense to just pull keywords out of thin air. People will not find your articles that way. Once article can include up to five or six keywords, so I let the keywords dictate what I write about. All that matters is what people want to know. If you keep that in mind, you will get very rich on the internet.

Start an Internet Business With Strategic Placement

You also want to use your top keyword in the title of your article near the beginning. For example, if you do a search on “webinar strategy,” you might find this article, “Webinar Strategy – Four Ways To Promote Your Business.” Someone looking for information on webinar strategy will find this article and read it because it is exactly what they are looking for.

Start an Internet Business With Creative Titles

Remember your title serves two purposes. It should have the keyword in it, but it should also generate some curiosity because you want people to read your article. you want them to see you as an expert on the topic, and you want to get the backward links.

Start an Internet Business With Repetition

When they go to your site from your article, they will sign up for your list and get whateve other information you have.You should also repeat your top keyword a few times in the article itself and even sprinkle less competitve keywords throughout the body of the article and rank in Google for those, too. You can end up doing double duty with these less competitive keywords.

So begin by doing your research. Figure out exactly what people are typing into the search engines for your niche. Then use those keywords as much as possible. You will see a difference in the amount of traffic AND your sales!


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Article Marketing Makes Starting An Internet Business EASY!!

Do you have an idea rolling around in your head? Would you like to know how to start an internet business? It is actually very easy, and something you can work on today.
In the past few years, I have begun a number of businesses. I have even been able to help others get their businesses off the ground, and each time I get started, I always use article marketing. I do this because well-written articles will bring in high search engine rankings and in turn more traffic to my site. Let me show you why it works.
How to Start an Internet Business – Submit to Authority Sites
The first reason they work is because you submit them to an authority site. When you submit to article directories like Ezine articles, Article Snatch, or Articlesbase, many times your article will get ranked in Google for your particular keyword right away. Usually within weeks. So write a 300-700 article with a resource box that points back to your website, and use the authority of these sites to build your reputation as an expert in the field.
How to Start an Internet Business – Generate Direct Traffic
The second reason they work is because they generate direct traffic. Once you submit your article to an article directory, other people come and pick it up. Let’s say you have a website about dogs, and these are other people’s sites: a dog blog, dog health forum,, They all come and pick up your article, post it on their site, and when people come to visit those sites, they read your article. They also see your resource box, and then they can find their way over to your website. You get easy traffic all from that one article.
How to Start an Internet Business – Build Backlinks
The third reason they work is because of backward links. A backward link is like a vote. Many times my pages and my interior pages show up in Google because lots of other people have posted my articles to their sites. For each one of these, I get a backward link, and as I start to amass backward links, I rank higher and higher in Google.
Getting on the first page of the search results for your keyword and staying there are two different things. There are lots of other people competing to be on the first two pages, and the competition is fierce. Article marketing can be the best tool to keep you on top.
Copyright Stephen Beck, 2010
You have permission to reprint this article as long as you don’t make any changes and include the bio below.
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