Internet Marketing 101: What’s Inside Your Mind?

If you are not making money in your offline or online business, take a lesson in internet marketing 101 and look no further than what is inside your mind. Many people are going through the process of building their business, but they do not really believe they can be successful in it. They walk around with mental roadblocks. But it does not have to be this way. You can adopt thought patterns that will lead to greater success. Allow me to explain.

mindset (article 84)Internet Marketing 101 – Be Thankful!

The first principle is to be thankful and develop an ability to be grateful. When you think about the details of your life and business, find things you can be thankful for.

Also, you can be someone who gives just for the sake of giving and not always to get something in return. You can be generous with your skills and abilities. You may wonder what this has to do with business, but it really is true that what is in your head affects the way you work each and everyday.

So are you generous? Are you helping those around you? In my homeschool niche, I like to help people choose the right curriculum and help them make it work for them. Hopefully, you are generous with the information you have, too.

Internet Marketing 101 – Be Thoughtful!

The second principle is to be thoughtful. The words you repeat in your mind can become the realities in your life. What I mean is the stories you hear in your mind can creep in and influence the way you live. Let me illustrate. After each of our webinars, I like to talk to some of the people who attended. When I do this, if I hear any negative comments, it is usually people saying, “I am just not sure I can make any money doing this.” what I find is that this kind of thinking becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If you do not think you will make money, then you will not really put your whole heart into what you are doing. If you have some doubts about what you are doing and then try to promote your products, you will not come across as believable.

Similarly, you will want to think about what you are doing: are you building a business or having fun with a hobby? Are you serious about building it up or enjoying playing at it? Too often people who want to really build their business are merely playing at it. This mindset can change if you will being to be thoughtful about what you are doing.

Something else to be thoughtful about is you “why.” Why do you do what you do? Then write it down. For me, I put a picture of my family next to mine because they are one of the big reasons why I help with our business. I like to use that extra income to be able to spend time with them. We also use it to reach out to missionaries and to go on mission trips.

So what is your why? Take some time this week and brainstorm some reasons why you are working on your business. Be specific. Instead of saying, “It is because of my family,” say, “I want to go on trips with my kids and grandkids.” You could also say, “I wan to be able to give money to those who are in need,” or “I want to take mission trips at least once a year.” Then, after you write down your list, go public with it.


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Starting An Internet Business Made Easy!

drive trafficThese days a lot of people want to start an internet business, but they are not always sure exactly what to do first. I encourage them to focus on the most crucial component: keywords. Everything begins with keywords. You write articles around the keywords people are actually looking for in the search engines. Then Google and the other engines post your page higher in the rankings which then drives more traffic to your site. With greater traffic comes greater sales. It really is that easy.

Start an Internet Business With Relevant Keywords

So it makes no sense to just pull keywords out of thin air. People will not find your articles that way. Once article can include up to five or six keywords, so I let the keywords dictate what I write about. All that matters is what people want to know. If you keep that in mind, you will get very rich on the internet.

Start an Internet Business With Strategic Placement

You also want to use your top keyword in the title of your article near the beginning. For example, if you do a search on “webinar strategy,” you might find this article, “Webinar Strategy – Four Ways To Promote Your Business.” Someone looking for information on webinar strategy will find this article and read it because it is exactly what they are looking for.

Start an Internet Business With Creative Titles

Remember your title serves two purposes. It should have the keyword in it, but it should also generate some curiosity because you want people to read your article. you want them to see you as an expert on the topic, and you want to get the backward links.

Start an Internet Business With Repetition

When they go to your site from your article, they will sign up for your list and get whateve other information you have.You should also repeat your top keyword a few times in the article itself and even sprinkle less competitve keywords throughout the body of the article and rank in Google for those, too. You can end up doing double duty with these less competitive keywords.

So begin by doing your research. Figure out exactly what people are typing into the search engines for your niche. Then use those keywords as much as possible. You will see a difference in the amount of traffic AND your sales!


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How to Create and Setup Your Own Webinar!

If you want an effective way to communicate with hundreds, even thousands of people, look no further than a webinar. This modern tool enables you to present your ideas, products or services to tons of people all at the same time. All it takes is a few simple steps to plan out a webinar.
Step 1: Create a webinar presentation that gets people to take action.

Whether you are using the webinar to sell condos or tell them you are the best dentist in town, every webinar should have a call to action. That “call to action” could be go to my web site and buy my product …or it could be pick up the phone and schedule an appointment, but the goal of every webinar is to get the webinar attendee to DO SOMETHING! Never forget this.
Create a powerpoint presentation that educates and engages your attendees. Tell them exactly what you want them to do and how to do it. This is the most fundamental rule of webinar planning.
Step 2: Pick a webinar hosting company.

As you think about your needs and your budget, you will want to pick just the right webinar hosting company. There are lots of options. If you think you will have no more than 1000 people and you are going to host lots of webinars in a year, your best bet is GoToWebinar.
Step 3: Set up your webinar.

Now that you have picked a webinar host, you will need to set up your webinar. Usually your hosting company will provide a set up page where you will be asked to provide a title, description, date, and time for your webinar. You will also be asked to set up any polls or surveys.
Polls are a great way to generate interaction with your attendees. A good poll question would be, “What is stopping you from achieving success in (your topic).” You would show four obstacles and allow them to choose the most important obstacle to them.
This is a great way to get your attendees to admit they have a problem that is not easily solved. And when you show the results of the poll live on the webinar, it is great social proof that they are not alone and that many also struggle with this problem. They are also in a better place to ask for help by purchasing your products or services!
You can also use an exit survey when conducting a webinar. See if your attendees enjoyed your presentation, and ask them what helped them the most. You can use their responses as testimonials for your next webinar or webinar replay.
Also, ask them if they would recommend your product or service to their friends and family. If they answer “yes,” then pick up the phone and call them after the webinar because they have indicated they are a hot prospect and warrant a phone call!
Step 4: Create your own registration page.

After you set up your webinar, you need to invite your attendees. You can use the generic registration page that the webinar hosting company gives you, or you can create your own. I prefer to create my own so I can control the look and feel of the registration page. This also allows me to differentiate myself from all the other webinars out there.
Here’s a great tip: require FULL CONTACT information on your registration page. Then before the webinar begins, you can send them a reminder phone call. Afterwards you can follow up with your attendees because you will have their mailing address.
If you feel up to it, you can even offer a special price or package to encourage more sales.
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