Practical Online Business Ideas

Are you interested in starting an internet business? Do you have an idea already, or do you need some online business ideas? I have been building my own internet business over the past ten years or so and can share some real-life examples of what to do and what not to do.

So a little bit about us. My wife Kerry and I really are the couple next door. We are not gurus. We are just two people who happened to get into internet marketing by accident. We stumbled upon the secret to creating information products that are very profitable, require little time, and give us tremendous amounts of freedom. I am a poster child for somebody who started an internet company late in life. I did not start this thing until I was in my 40s. In fact, I started all of this because I was going to seminary and did not have my regular income.

Online Business Idea #1 – Start With What You Know

Basically if we can do it, you can do it. Before I had my online business, I was a remodeling contractor for 20 years. My wife started a little company called Curriculum Connection. And it was designed to help home schoolers find curriculum. All of a sudden, she was asking me, “Steve, how do we build web pages? How do we go online?” So I had to figure that out. And I was definitely just groping in the dark, but I figured out how to do it. And then on top of that, I decided to attend seminary.

There we were over 2000 miles from home and with no family, no friends, and no job. We needed the income we were used to having from my remodeling jobs, and we needed it fast.

So I started looking for the perfect business. And the reason I tell you this story is to say, “I know you are busy. I know you probably have a full-time job. I know that you are experiencing the same things I was experiencing. But you can start an online business on the side in your part time, and pretty soon, if you work it right, it will eclipse your day job.”

Online Business Idea #2 – Define Your Criteria

So I sat down and wrote out my expectations for my perfect business. I wanted to create a product one time and then get paid for it repeatedly. I only had a small amount of time to work each week, so I needed to be paid well in that time. I needed a product that was easy for me, my wife, and my partners if I ever had any. I really wanted a business that would run automatically with very little input from me. I was looking for a weekly, even monthly, paycheck. I also wanted very few start-up costs. Sounds realistic, right?

Well, a lot of people would say I was asking for the moon. But think about this. The only thing I know of that will meet all of those criteria is selling information products on the internet. Because with an info product, you can create something one time and get paid over and over and over.

You start off by spending a little time packaging quality content, market it on the internet, and then sell it quickly and painlessly. You really could almost put the whole thing on auto pilot.

Online Business Idea #3 – Start Small

It was very low start-up costs. In fact, that is one of the questions I am routinely asked. “Steve, how much does it cost to start an online business?” For $15 a year for a domain name, and that is kind of high these days, and $50 a year for hosting, and $20 a month for an autoresponder, you can set up an online business. And that is really all it takes to get started.

If you have an idea, why not start today? These online business ideas are practical and easy to do and can get you going on a path to greater financial freedom.


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Internet Marketing 101: What’s Inside Your Mind?

If you are not making money in your offline or online business, take a lesson in internet marketing 101 and look no further than what is inside your mind. Many people are going through the process of building their business, but they do not really believe they can be successful in it. They walk around with mental roadblocks. But it does not have to be this way. You can adopt thought patterns that will lead to greater success. Allow me to explain.

mindset (article 84)Internet Marketing 101 – Be Thankful!

The first principle is to be thankful and develop an ability to be grateful. When you think about the details of your life and business, find things you can be thankful for.

Also, you can be someone who gives just for the sake of giving and not always to get something in return. You can be generous with your skills and abilities. You may wonder what this has to do with business, but it really is true that what is in your head affects the way you work each and everyday.

So are you generous? Are you helping those around you? In my homeschool niche, I like to help people choose the right curriculum and help them make it work for them. Hopefully, you are generous with the information you have, too.

Internet Marketing 101 – Be Thoughtful!

The second principle is to be thoughtful. The words you repeat in your mind can become the realities in your life. What I mean is the stories you hear in your mind can creep in and influence the way you live. Let me illustrate. After each of our webinars, I like to talk to some of the people who attended. When I do this, if I hear any negative comments, it is usually people saying, “I am just not sure I can make any money doing this.” what I find is that this kind of thinking becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If you do not think you will make money, then you will not really put your whole heart into what you are doing. If you have some doubts about what you are doing and then try to promote your products, you will not come across as believable.

Similarly, you will want to think about what you are doing: are you building a business or having fun with a hobby? Are you serious about building it up or enjoying playing at it? Too often people who want to really build their business are merely playing at it. This mindset can change if you will being to be thoughtful about what you are doing.

Something else to be thoughtful about is you “why.” Why do you do what you do? Then write it down. For me, I put a picture of my family next to mine because they are one of the big reasons why I help with our business. I like to use that extra income to be able to spend time with them. We also use it to reach out to missionaries and to go on mission trips.

So what is your why? Take some time this week and brainstorm some reasons why you are working on your business. Be specific. Instead of saying, “It is because of my family,” say, “I want to go on trips with my kids and grandkids.” You could also say, “I wan to be able to give money to those who are in need,” or “I want to take mission trips at least once a year.” Then, after you write down your list, go public with it.


Copyright Stephen Beck, 2010

You have permission to reprint this article as long as you don’t make any changes and include the bio below.

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Learn Internet Marketing: The Truth Behind Affiliate Sales

Although I have been an entrepreneur for a long time, I have seen the most success in my business since learning internet marketing. From my experience, one quick way to make money on the internet is through affiliate sales.

cash flow (article 82)The process, although intuitive, can be even easier if you follow five simple keys. From my experience, you can begin this week and see income from this one activity, giving you the ability to afford domain names and outsourcing help. Specifically, you can afford to get help with your email, article marketing, and webinar setup.

Learn Internet Marketing – Recommend A Product

There are five keys to affiliate sales, and the first key is to find something to recommend. It should be something inexpensive that you can comfortably recommend to others. You don’t want to recommend a big ticket item right away, but instead start out small and build up to it. You want your list to trust you and rely on your recommendations. Look at the sales page for that product, and you will be able to tell whether or not it is appealing.

Learn Internet Marketing – Figure Out What Your People Need

The second key is to know what issues your list is looking to be solved. What I am trying to say is to figure out the problems your readers are dealing with and how you can help them. For the answers, I usually go to niche-related sites, forums, or even social networking sites to see if I can find the answer. When I am willing to do this extra bit of research, I end up with more sales because I understand where my readers are coming from.

Learn Internet Marketing – Write A Recommendation

The third key to affiliate sales is to write a recommendation. Let me give you a sample outline. When you write a recommendation for an affiliate product, be sure to include the following: what does it do, how does it benefit the reader, how does it compare with similar products, what did you like about it, what did you not like about it, and what is your overall ranking? You can then post your review on your blog or other website, but the whole point is to make sure it is on your site with your affiliate link and then drive traffic to your review.

Learn Internet Marketing – Spread The Word

The fourth key is to spread the word about your recommendation. Again, your blog or website is important. If you do not have a blog, I recommend WordPress or blogger. You can also send an email to the contacts in your personal or business account. They will be interested to hear about your recommendation.

Learn Internet Marketing – Boost Your SEO

The fifth key to affiliate sales is to supercharge the whole process with search engine optimization (SEO). You want to rank in Google for keywords people would use if they were about to buy. These are different than general keywords. When you use “buyer” keywords, you can optimize your recommendation post or web pages by using them in the post.

Without a doubt, affiliate sales can be a quick way to begin earning money. If you work diligently on these steps, you will see cash flow this week.


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You have permission to reprint this article as long as you don’t make any changes and include the bio below.

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